Mouna Raagam Season 2 on (Vijay Tv) Wiki and Cast Review

Mouna Ragaam is a Tamil serial broadcast on Star Vijay Tv, with Season 2 premiering on 1st February 2021 and continuing to the present. Season 2 begins 12 years after the conclusion of Season 1. Shakthi and Mallika are shown residing in Kodaikanal, Shakthi’s name being changed to Sathya. Karthik and Shruthi come one day to a performance conducted at a temple nearby. When Shruthi is unable to perform, Shakthi steps in and contemplates the funds necessary for her mother’s operation. Despite being delighted by her singing, Karthik does not identify her as Shakthi and refers to her as Sathya. When Mallika discovers Shakthi’s trick, she reprimands her but quickly forgives her.

Shakthi is subsequently hired as a music instructor at one of Chennai’s schools. Unbeknownst to her, her father also owns this institution. Mallika is first hesitant, but as her health deteriorates, she decides to accompany Shakthi. Once Shakthi enrols at school, she discovers the truth. In contrast, Kadhambhari admires Varun and desires that Shruthi marries him. Karthik is first hesitant but ultimately agrees. Shruthi has high expectations that she would marry Tharun, Varun’s brother, and believes they are engaged. However, Tharun falls in love with Shakthi, further complicating matters. Tharun proposes to Shakthi on the same day as Shruthi is planning to propose to him, causing her distress.

However, Shakthi rejects him on the advise of her mother. Mallika feels unwell and faints after learning the truth, her health deteriorating by the minute. When Mallika is transported to the hospital, it is informed that five lakhs are required immediately for the procedure to save her life. Shakthi, with the assistance of the nurse, uploads a video for assistance. Kadhambhari gets dubious about Shakthi’s identification as Sathya after seeing the video tamildhool.

Mouna Raagam 2
Written byPriya Thampi
Directed byThai Selvam
StarringRaveena Daha
Rajeev Parameshwar
Chippy Renjith
Salmanul Faris
Rahul Ramachandran
Shilpa Nair
KK Menon
Anusree Chembakassery
Divya Binu
Theme music composerM. Jayachandran (Title Song)
Harinarayanan (lyrics)
Sananth George (Background Score)
Country of originIndia
Original languageTamil
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes1100 (as of combining both the seasons)

Manoharan, the father of Varun and Tharun, assists her in her hour of need by providing the funds for her treatment on the condition that she marries Varun. Shakthi, who became close to Varun after rescuing him from suicide thoughts brought on by the rivalry with Shruthi’s family, consents to marry him. Tharun is astonished to find her in the family as his sister-in-law after her marriage. Meanwhile, the plan for Tharun’s marriage to Shruthi is put into action.

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